Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1/2 Off for Laid-Off State Employees: Heidi's - A Review

This morning, I noticed a tweet from @hotdishblog that Heidi's (29th & Lyndale) was offering laid off state workers (that's me) 50% off tonight. Kate's sister Maggie also alerted us to the offer. We had never been to Heidi's, but a quick review of their website was enough to know this would be a place we'd like.

For a Tuesday, this place was hoping - almost a full house. We managed to grab a table on the patio shortly before 8. We were delighted to learn that Heidi's is brought to you in part by the letter Y and the number 13.

First course: Although we were tempted to roll the dice on the "Shefzilla Surprise" appetizer, which our waiter indicated was "exotic," we instead opted for Beets 2.1 The 2.1 is significant - this was a step up from a typical beet salad. I could say a lot about this dish, but the key ingredient for me was the truffled golden beet sorbet. Hard to imagine without actually trying it - it was a powerful, sweet ice cream that hit the taste buds fast and delivered immense flavor.

 *perhaps, the beet schmear was a bit much

Second course: Kate had the black truffle pappardelle (thin strips of pasta) with lobster, which was rich and smooth. I only had a couple bites, but it was amazing. I opted for the special of the day: pan roasted quail with baby artichokes in a rabbit/bay leaf sauce. It was hearty and very tasty.

Dessert: we finished the meal with donuts, but not just any donuts: honey-cream filled donuts. They were served with a blueberry ice cream and a candied mint leaf. Really wonderful - we fought over the last drops of melted ice cream.

We'll definitely go back.

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