Sunday, July 10, 2011

Living the Dream

It's so hot, there's nothing to do but hang out at the pool. Hope you enjoyed our adventure!

PS. One of us has to go back to work. I wish we could keep Chinooking.

Comments from the Internet:

  • I'm proposing a Tour de Cities in September, lead by you of course...
  • I heart your blog & I don't want it to end.
  • I just read every post. Love it!
  • I just gave your blog props! It's da bomb!
  • Must visit Twin Cities ASAP!
  • Your blog is a great reminder about all of the exciting possibilities in the city.
  • These two are not only clever, but quite awesome. Follow their blog about their adventures with the Chinook Book. Love it.
  • Just found it today... it's great! What a cool idea. Now I'm looking into getting our Local First coupon book to try something similar
  • I heart the blog and only wish it included recipes because I'm strangely hungry after reading it.
  • I applaud your creative way to play-keep it up
  • I can't find words to express how much I love this!
  • Although I do not like the shutdown and what it is doing, I have been enjoying your adventures. What a great thing!
  • Hey, you're famous! a great blog, you two...clever and fun!
  • Holy crap!
  • Your blog is makin' me smile. So Kate & Pippish! Where are we going later this week? I want to see you two in action. :)
  • What's the blog address? I'd love to read it.


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